Your garden helps with the saleability of your home 

Making the best of a garden can help the saleability  of even modest properties.

Gardens are being increasingly viewed as ‘living rooms’ – and marketed as such by vendors seeking to extract the maximum value for the property. Potential buyers want to imagine themselves relaxing in the garden. It sounds a cliche, but it is an extra room.

This matters now – in this mild spell of early summer – more than ever.

Basic pruning – cutting back overgrown foliage and getting rid of ‘cold and dark’ evergreens such as leylandii – can bring a sense of space and freedom. However,  taste is important, and that means simple and contemporary is best.

A water feature offering a modern cascading fountain is preferable to an old fashioned pond surrounded by garden gnomes and ornamental wheelbarrows.

A large patio area with a few comfortable chairs and a table and barbecue can do wonders for the appeal of a property, you don’t need to spend a fortune.

The secret is to get potential homeowners to imagine themselves enjoying the extra room. Big investments such as swimming pools may put people off because of maintenance costs.

What ever the size of garden it a rear yard with a few tubs and hanging baskets or the half acre garden with tennis court ..if the potential buyers see themselves enjoying this extra space … they will be impressed … which also leads to them offering …