Landlords should access properties more often

Our Management Team warns that many Landlords are not carrying out mid-tenancy inspections often enough ,leaving them at greater risk of a dispute .  […]

April 22nd, 2013|Petty Residential|

Dilapidation Costs

Dilapidations are a breach of covenant for which a business tenant is liable under the terms of a lease and thought should be given to them before you receive an unwelcome bill. The liability of the lease usually includes an obligation to repair and to decorate, however there are several ways in which tenants can minimise costs and here we deal with some frequently asked questions. […]

September 21st, 2012|Petty Commercial|

Protect Your Deposit

Tenants across Burnley are being urged to check their deposit is protected by their landlord as shocking figures show that up to a million private sector UK tenants with combined deposits worth up to £1billion are missing out on deposit protection*. Petty’s, locally renowned residential sales and lettings agents, said the number of tenancies affected is likely to grow rapidly as the rental market soars. […]

September 21st, 2012|Petty Residential|
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