A property survey seems like even more expense when you are already making the biggest purchase of your life ..We would however suggest  the right survey will be worth every penny ……Its tempting to avoid anymore expense and hurdles when going through the homebuying process and this probably explains why some people don’t have a property survey carried out before they complete on the purchase of their home .

Your potential home is a major investment , “the largest most people ever make “..getting a survey carried out is a no-brainer and for a tiny percentage of the purchase price ,you are able to get peace of mind that the property is structurally sound .

More importantly, a survey can show up areas of serious disrepair that can cost  thousands if they go un-noticed

Asbestos…Rising Damp…Rewiring..Cracking to walls..Penetrating Damp..Poor workmanship …Re-Roofing ……the list goes on

We provide a full range of surveying services and  Alistair Douglas who heads up our residential surveyors is only too happy to chat about your requirements 01282 417777