Having been instructed as joint letting agents along with GVA at Manchester by Pearl 2; a joint development venture between Barnfield Construction and Pendle Borough Council, Petty’s has now been asked to join the panel to choose the architects that are going to transform and re-image Brierfield Mills in Pendle.

Among the fellow panellists will be members from Pendle Borough Council and Barnfield Construction with special input from John Smith from Places for People.

To move forward, the master plan is needed together with architectural concept design ideas. Part of the competition ‘brief’ is to provide creative and innovative designs with high quality features incorporating public realm schemes an attractive approach and respect the historical context of the Mill.

Architects from throughout the country including London and Scotland inspected the property in January with a view to providing their initial proposals later this month. Uses that have been considered include hotel and function room facilities, leisure uses taking advantage of the canal and adjoining countryside, specialist retail, office and possibly some residential.

The Grade II Listed Mill is at the heart of the project offering an enormous opportunity for imaginative conversion complemented by new developments and the establishment of an
attractive environment to create a new living working and cultural destination. The site is a
staggering 380,000 sq.ft on a canal side expanding over 7 acres and which provides stunning
panoramic views. The development presents the opportunity for a mix of users and it is without
doubt set to take centre stage in the continuing growth of the North West.