6 Minutes to Impress…

A CMS Live insight into the thought processes behind the Petty website….


The website for Pettys went live on 7th March 2012 and we recorded a huge amount of visits that day alone. This quadrupled in the week to follow. 74.9% of those were newcomers to the site.

When building this new website our main aims were to capture the familiarity of the old website into the new to facilitate an easier flow through the whole website when browsing.

We also had to ensure that the user could find all their own individual criteria when searching for properties. We know we got this right because 94.26% browsed the site for up to 30mins at a time.

In that first week we know that the majority of our visitors came direct to the website by typing www.petty.co.uk into the browsers address bar; a small number by a search engine and just a handful of visitors came through a referral from Facebook. This tells us something we already knew… that Pettys are a very well known estate agent in this area.

If we come to the present day compared to early February 2014 we can see that we still have a steady stream of visitors to the website.
And, still achieving 56% of new visitors and still engaging 96.32% of those visitors for up to 30 minutes.

In the time the new website has been live there has been a big change in how people are browsing the website. With just over 30% using Apple iPhones another 30% using Apple iPads.
The amount of the visitors using a desktop computer has halved.

There appears to be quite a balance of people visiting the site with male visitors leading the way with a 55/45% split over female visitors. Our visitors are predominantly under the age of 55.

Since the new website launched in March 2012 to today, Petty has had a record number of people visit their Residential site, and this does not include people visiting the blog on petty.co.uk or Petty Commercial on pettycommercial.co.uk.