As agents marketing property throughout Lancashire, as well as providing professional services regionally and nationally, a recurring theme certainly keeps cropping up. Despite the best efforts of the business community, there is evidently a lack of understanding both in the wider commercial community and domestic community as to what Lancashire as a geographical centre can provide, produce, deliver and succeed in.

It is difficult to fight the stereotyping Lancashire is portrayed with to the wider national and international audience, but our heritage should be embraced and shown to be an attraction for both residents and commercial business operations alike!

Lancashire without doubt boasts some of the country’s most successful businesses and entrepreneurs, countryside, and entertainment and this should certainly be promoted more and emphasised. There are also many hidden gems in Lancashire but collectively as a region, we have not always been successful at sharing our good news and success stories when in reality we should all be shouting from the rooftops! In order to keep Lancashire firmly on the map, businesses of all sizes should be encouraged to work with their authorities and their relevant chambers to elevate the ‘brand’ of Lancashire. The newly formed team of Marketing Lancashire (established in April 2012) will in due course make reasonable inroads to this, if they work closely with and co-ordinate strategy alongside the several different economic development teams through the region and I certainly look forward to watching their development.

There is a wealth of innovation and enterprise to be proud of which rightfully deserves its ‘Red Rose’ stamp and which fly the flag for Lancashire. Both Central and East

Lancashire are renowned for their aviation specialism associated primarily with Rolls Royce and BAE’s interests, but exposure and recognition of this should go further. There are a good number of PLC’s based here, dozens of business millionaires, thousands of thriving companies, and success stories from entities that have grown from nothing to become primary employers; all that could be viably bundled up into a pan Lancashire economic prospectus.

Lest we forget, the county has 7 motorways, 3 international airports, and the west coast mainline easily to hand, with London being equally as accessible, as Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Birmingham. Looking closer to home within our own sector both residentially and commercially Lancashire has property successes to be sharing and which we feel Lancashire should be particularly proud of, including the facts that:

  • There are significant investment returns for residential or commercial landlords.
  • The wider Ribble Valley and Pendle areas were reported recently in the national press as a haven for an exceptional quality of work life balance.
  • Property prices have been less affected than in other regions.
  • The employment skill base for the county is higher than other regions. Lancashire is, geographically, effectively at the centre of the United Kingdom.

So, is Lancashire set to take leaps forward? I certainly think so! Essentially we need promotion of the county as a success, acting in unified business force with administrative authorities seeking mutual support and success from one another so that business communities and residential communities have a voice as to why Lancashire is a fantastic location to live in as well as do business!

Phil Kelly, Director

Phil Kelly

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