With the ever increasing need to keep an eye on finances and figures, particularly increasing energy costs in our home lives, is it time to put the microscope on your business with the same focus on saving energy?


We looked deeper into the issue to see how businesses could potentially reap rewards from taking a green approach to their running operation.


Our very own Jonathan Pickles said:  “How do I control my company’s energy costs is a question every person running a company will ask at one time or another.  One way gaining in popularity for a number of reasons is the installation of a solar PV system however, to many the use of solar PV is still an anomaly they have yet to understand.


“The Solar PV makes use of roof space that most SME’s already have as completely unused space.  It is an easy system to install and maintenance costs are low but the benefits are not only in the reduced cost to the business but also in the fact that it reduces your carbon footprint which may be important for you, your supply chain or customers as it ticks the CSR box.


“There is an urban myth that since the drop in feed in tariffs the value has gone from solar PV.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The drop in feed in tariff coincided with an equally large drop in system prices so in real terms you are actually getting better value for money.”


With firms that offer a no deposit, off balance sheet finance supported by the Carbon Trust, businesses could see average returns on investment over the twenty year term of the feed in tariff be in excess of 20%. Once your system is registered returns are guaranteed and index linked.


The use of Solar PV may still be a muddy canvas for many yet to get a clearer picture of the opportunities available but it is certainly a route that should be explored as you just never know!


Without the ongoing worry of future energy prices rises, your business will be protected making managing cash flow and finances more controllable so maybe this is one New Year’s Resolution we should all make to consider?