There are a number of positive signs in the housing market and we are certainly seeing an increase in activity and more properties coming on board. Some estate agents believe that along with a buoyant housing market can come rash purchasing decisions from buyers who feel that they need to view and offer on a property quickly in order to secure it. However, with the improvement in the property market we have actually seen a marked change in buyers’ attitudes but it is with an increase in savvy buyers who know how to get the property they want and quickly, which means that speedy viewings aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

I would certainly agree that the way in which people view properties has changed dramatically in recent years with homebuyers now having access to a wealth of information, including floor plans and virtual tours, at their fingertips from the internet. Consequently buyers are more informed on the property prior to their arrival at a viewing and as there is so little time in their working lives, they are really just looking for the right ‘feeling’ they will get if the house is right for them when they walk through the door. However, that ‘right feeling’ has to be backed by an objective view and that is why having a private survey is vital. Unlike a mortgage company who simply puts a superficial ‘value’ to the property in question, an independent surveyor will guide you to a more realistic outcome. They will ensure you are armed with the right information so decisions are based on fact rather than being led by the heart and this avoids many pitfalls and unnecessary disappointment further down the line.

The majority of homebuyers say they know within the first sixty seconds of entering a property if it is right for them and this makes many house viewings a very quick process. It may be controversial to some, but I don’t think this is a bad thing, as along with the in-depth research many buyers do before the viewing, any maintenance issues within the property would become apparent during the survey and mortgage valuation processes, which pose as safety checks for any buyer. In my experience, today’s buyers are happy to offer on a property safe in the knowledge that their survey and searches will throw up any problems further down the sales process and they would rather secure their ‘dream’ property in the early stages, rather than lose out to other eager buyers; even after a sixty second viewing.